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Mini phone Humidifier Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser for Android and Iphone

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Mini Handhold USB Atomizer Diffuser  for Aroma Mist For Smart Phone  ( Iphone & Android)


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Anywhere your phone goes it will be there for your needs, Powered by mobile phone through

USB interface, low power consumption. Have your oils almost anywhere you can image: car, home. office,

shopping, travelling, studying, etc. 


* Powered by mobile phone through USB.

* High-tech Nano: High frequency vibration swiftly atomizes the oils & water vapor

* Deep nourishment: can completely reach through Cuticle -Basal lamina overall

* Plug and play, no additional driver needed

Can also use with Astringent for skin care. Please dilute the astringent before use


Operation Tips:

Timing for 1 minutes to mist, 1 minutes later it will stop, and you need to press the button again to start


* Please add water via dropper, not directly the running water to avoid water entering into the machine

* Do not add sticky or heavy oils, powders, or non-water solubility material in

* Please dilute  before use



Voltage: 3.7V

Power: 1.2W

Quantity of atomizing: 1.2-1.8ml/min

Capacity: 8ml

Misting Particle: 0.3μm

Product Size: 6 x 6cm

Product Color: Pink | Blue | Green | Purple

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