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Rechargeable AA or AAA Battery USB Charger & Batteries Accessories

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USB Charger - For AA or AAA Batteries

Recharges high capacity Ni-MH AA
and AAA batteries Safe and efficient use of
energy Very convenient and easy to use


1. Flip the buckel to switch between AA & AAA battery size.
2. The LED will stay on red when charging. And buyers should calculate the charging time and turn off when fully charged.

Charging time(h)=Capacity(mAH)÷Charging current(160mA)xCharging coefficient(1.3)

In general, it will takes about 17 hours for a 2100mAH AA battery to full charge, and 7 hours for a 900mAH AAA battery.

AA Rechargable Batteries ( Set of 4)

Included 4 x AA Batteries   2500Mah


AA Batteries & Recharger for (US compatible Plug only)

Get a set of 4 AA batteries and a Recharger /Wall charger for US compatible plug only

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