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Tiger Balm Plaster Ointment with Essential Oils -8Pcs

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Product Description:


Net Weight:3 grams (0.11oz)/piece,the price is based on 8 pcs/lot

Come in the size about the size of a coin

It is traditional Chinese product.



1) apply the balm on your temples when you suffer headache or drowsy during the work,then you will feel cool and refresh

2) suffer stiff muscles, mosquito bites or other insect stings,use it immediately

3) use the balm when suffer scald by hot liquid or steam,the soon the better


More advantages,



1) if skin itching, swelling and other allergic symptoms after use, you must wash with water as soon as possible, it is necessary to consult a physician.

2) do not use it if you allergic to this product.

3) pregnant women with caution.

4) infants and children must be used under adult guidance or physician.

5) do not use on eyes,vulva and other skin mucous membrane 

6) only for external use, can not be taken orally.

7) Keep out of reach of children.

Item Type: Essential Oil
Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
Ingredient: peppermint,camphor
Model Number: tiger balm

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