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Outdoor Emergency SOS Kit For Camping, Travel, & Survival Gear - 2 Kits Choices

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Outdoor Emergency SOS Kit

Comes with waterproof Box & Supplies For Camping ,Travel, & Survival Gear 

OPTION # 1 -  Plastic Water Proof Case with SOS kit  $16.96  ( See image for contents)


OPTION #  2- PARACORD BAG- 2 Color Choices ( Black and Army Green)

A variety of survival kit is to be able to meet the "survival"  ingenuity.
This compact survival tool kit is small, but full-featured,  and has a quick release function, emergency situations you can quickly use to the inside items of the survival tool, for outdoors or survival companion.
Accessories include:
1x a knife blade
1x sewing needle
1x aluminum foil
2x of alcohol cotton,
2x band-Aid
2x fish Hooks
2x Lead weight
2x connectors
2x Float
5m fishing line
1x Whistle
1x multi-function tool card,
1x mini flashlight,
1x linesaw
2x buckle needle
2x paper clip

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